iSM Technologies is a leading provider of rugged industrial computers for embedded control and industrial control applications. Since then we have provided the utmost in customer service and quality products. We manufacture a wide range of products, and offer extensive design, engineering, and other technical services for standard,semi-custom, and custom requirements. iSM can now provide total hardware & software solutions, allowing you to focus on the specialist aspects of the application.

iSM Technologies is more than an single board computer board vendor. Whatever you need, we'll work so seamlessly with your organization to get it to you, it'll seem like we were an extension of your company. In fact, we can be a virtual division of your company, accommodating your corporate style. If all you need is product development and production, we'll stand behind you. If you need integration, manufacturing, R&D, supply chain or lifecycle management, we'll walk with you every step.

Discover the reasons why customers choose iSM over the competition,

Customization Capabilities

Internet is getting popular and people doesn't like to wear the uniform. We offer a comprehensive program for standard product variants, so you benefit from COTS pricing and availability while also obtaining a product that meets your exact requirements. In addition we offer a custom design program that takes advantage of our extensive in-house technology base to decrease product development time and cost.

In addition, our strategic third party relationships complement our standard product offering to provide an even wider range of products from which to choose, offering you one-stop service for your embedded system.

Rugged Design

iSM Technologies designs and builds rugged embedded computing products for critical applications. That's why our customer base includes companies in the medical, factory automation, land and sea vehicle, traffic control, and Gaming industries. Fanless operation, extended temperature operation, and high integration all add up to increased reliability in these and other real-world applications.

Embedded OS Service

Embedded operating systems enable you to implement the critical features you need to make your product stand out above the rest.


The board you buy tomorrow will be the same as the board you buy today. Your program support costs are lower and your reliability is higher.

It is recognized that Quality is the responsibility of each and every employee of the company and that the quality of products and services, and the standing of the Company, are a direct result of the continuing commitment of those employees.